STIME from Quit-Project on Vimeo.

An 8mm projector moves a tenth of frame every time that a ping pong ball hits the floor.

wooldrip from Quit-Project on Vimeo.

wooldrip is a web based installation. it scan the public twitter timeline in search of
determinate terms. different terms pulls different wool’s filament. until the end.
made on max/msp and arduino.

Tenth is a web based installation in search of a particular topic, through the scanning of
all major social networks and most important news sites timelines. When it find it, a
super8 projector makes a step forward of a tenth of frame and light pulse for a third of second.
Depending on the thematic, the film can last from several hours to several years.
max/msp, arduino

Tlight is a permanent installation created by the Quit group and connected to the Web thanks
to Paraimpu, allows everyone to change the color tones and the behavior of the lights placed
on the top of the big glass tower of the hotel just posting a message by Twitter.

installation made by Quit project at istituto europeo di design.
seaside vibe festival, june 2010

installation by Quit for sardegna ricerche.
june 2010.ultrasonic and range finders reactive lamps.

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